A Health Social Media Case Study

AZO: How do you get women to publicly interact with an embarrassing taboo?

AZO, a urinary pain relief supplement, turned to TTC to reach female millenials reluctant to publicly engage the stigma. Insights gleaned from research provided permission to develop an audience-first voice with the creation of AZO Girl, an irreverent and enthusiastic super heroine who—in-between happy hours with her girls—aids women held hostage by UTI pain so that they never again miss a concert, party or night out. The sassy personification mixed cultural irreverence and positive wellness messaging to transition UTIs from an embarrassing taboo to a shared hurdle of womanhood. Within six months, the Facebook page grew 650%; Daily Engaged Users grew 2,200%, “Likes” grew by 4,400% and “Shares” 15,000%. The campaign was named as a semi-finalist for an Oracle “Best Social Media Campaign” in a field of four that included Twitter.